Welcome to my page! I am so glad you made it. My name is Niki Kubrock and I am the Owner/ Photographer at Deviant Light Photography @ Benjemax Studio!

Benjemax Studio first opened it’s doors in Cottonwood Arizona over 30 years ago! I began working with, then owner, Tere Ireys in 2001. And after years of one on one mentor-ship and working on and off again with Benjemax… I eventually started my own photography business (Deviant Light Photography). Four years ago I was able to fulfill my original dream and I bought Benjemax Studio from Ireys and merged the two great companies!

On top of owning my studio and having the best job in the world… I am a proud Mother to 5 AMAZING kids! Which, in my opinion, is ALSO the best job in the world. ❤